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Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2013-09-17 10:53 UTC (katrine.jaklin@genok.no)
Date of publication
2013-09-30 23:11 UTC (erie.tamale@un.org)

General information
Title of the initiative
Biosafety risk assessment advisory service
Contact person
Dr. Lise Nordgaard
Scientist/Advisory Manager
Genøk - Centre for Biosafety (GENØK)
PB 6418
Tromsø, Tromsø
Norway, 9294
Url:GenØk - Centre for Biosafety,GenØk - Dr. Nordgaard
Beneficiary country(ies)
  • Developing countries (ODA-countries)
Type of initiative
  • Ongoing or upcoming initiative
  • Stand-alone activity
Main target group(s) / beneficiaries
  • Government officials (policy makers, administrators, regulators, risk assessors, inspectors, etc.)
  • Professionals, specialists and technicians
  • Public interest groups (consumer groups, professional associations, NGOs, etc.)
Start Date
Ending date
Donor(s) information
Government(s) sponsoring the initiative
  • Norway
Agency(ies) or Organization(s) implementing or sponsoring the initiative
Norwegian Agency of Development Cooperation (Norad)
Phone:+47 22 24 20 30
Availability of funds for participants
Activity details
Description of the initiative
Ask GenØk about risk assessments and regulation of GMOs
As a part of the biosafety capacity building programme, financed by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), GenØk gives advice to representatives from ODA-countries on various aspects related to the evaluation of information used in regulatory approval of GMOs, including environmental and socioeconomic risk assessments, risk management strategies and environmental monitoring, on a case by case basis.
Personnel involved in biosafety risk assessments in developing countries.
Application process
We kindly ask you to download and use a request form when contacting our advisory department:

If you have any questions, please contact the advisory department at advisory@genok.no
Objective and main expected outcomes or lesson learned
Strengthen ODA- countries' ability to perform risk assessments and safety evaluation.

According to a recent review from the CBD there is a crucial need for capacity building in how to carry out good risk assessment and safety evaluations of GMOs. The CBD's review of the Action Plan for capacity building related to the CPB (17.08.12) reveals that countries "do not have in place a mechanism for handling requests, have no procedures for decision making, and have limited capacity to review applications, including capacity to undertake or review risk assessments prior to making a decision. Only 63 Parties reported that they had acquired the necessary capacity to conduct risk assessments." This corresponds well with the results we have from our own evaluation surveys where regulators request more hands-on experience on and supervision in how to do a risk assessment.
General thematic area(s)
  • Risk assessment and other scientific and technical expertise
  • Scientific biosafety research relating to LMOs
  • English
Category(ies) of the initiative
  • Assessment/review
    • Case study/review
    • Capacity needs assessment
    • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Biosafety research
  • Information sharing
    • Helpdesk service
  • Institutional development
    • Advisory service
Additional Information
Additional Information
GenØk offers this service freely as guidance and support for the case by case regulatory assessment of GMOs and is not responsible for its use, including final evaluation or of any policy decision made on the basis of the information provided.
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