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General information
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Norwegian Agency of Development Cooperation
Norwegian Agency of Development Cooperation (Norad)
Phone:+47 22 24 20 30
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  • Government agency (National/Federal)
Thematic areas
Climate change, environment, helath, energy, education
Organization’s profile
The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Norad's strategy towards 2010 states that Norad:

•aims to be the centre of expertise for evaluation, quality assurance and dissemination of the results of Norwegian development cooperation, jointly with partners in Norway, developing countries and the international community
•will ensure that the goals of Norway's development policy are achieved by providing advice and support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian foreign service missions
•will administer the agency's grant schemes so that development assistance provided through Norwegian and international partners contributes effectively to poverty reduction

These goals will be achieved on the foundation of Norad's current competencies, through highly qualified staff, a flexible and practical organisation, good administrative support functions and a working environment characterised by
transparency, respect, equality, responsibility and quality.