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2009-10-04 20:34 UTC (omtayebom@gmail.com)
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2009-10-05 15:36 UTC (erie.tamale@un.org)

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  • Egypt
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Philip L. Bereano, Professor Emeritus, technolgy and society, University of Washington, taught risk analysis for 35 years. He  participated in all negotiating sessions of the Cartagena Protocol, all COP/MOPs, and meetings of the Working Group on Liability and Redress.  He is on the Roster of Experts and assisted the Secretariat in its BCH training course in Curitiba.  He was a researcher under a GEF-World Bank funded project evaluating biosafety capacity building through the Free University of Amsterdam.  Bereano has lectured on biosafety and risk at universities in Hanoi, Tromso, Barcelona, and Harvard (at the invitation of Calestous Juma) and written many relevant scholarly and popular articles. He has participated in numerous biosafety meetings of the Codex Alimentarius, and served on the FAO Expert Seminar on Health Risks via the Environment from GMOs. He recently lectured at a GEF-funded workshop on risk assessment at the invitation of the Egyptian government.
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Philip Bereano
United States of America
Phone:+1 206 543-9037
  • Male
  • American
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retired, Univ of Washington
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  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)
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Education and advocacy on public interest policies re: risks of genetic engineering
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Cornell University
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Cornell University
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  • Information and communication technology
  • Evaluation
  • Nutritional traits
List most important publications related to the expert main field of expertise.
"Harmony or Havoc? The Biosafety Protocol, the Codex Alimentarius and the World Trade Organization," with Eliott Peacock, SciDev.Net website, Fall, 2004;
Review assistance, An Explanatory Guide to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, MacKenzie, et al, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (Environmental Law Centre) and Foundation for International Law and Development, January 2003
The Human Genome Project as a Social Enterprise," Encyclopedia of the Human Genome, MacMillian & Co., U.K. (April 2003)
Awards and Professional Memberships
Awards received
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, "for contributions to understanding the role of science and technology in society," 1982
Selected by Seattle Times as one of the 100 People of Influence (July 9, 1995):  "He's also an engaging and original thinker, grudgingly respected even by those he challenges."    
King County Council Recognition/Award, 1994 for "involvement in the community and the scientific world (which) has set a standard of service for others to recognize and follow."
Professional memberships
have let them lapse upon retirement
Technical committees, expert panels or advisory bodies served
Washington State Legislature, Task Force on gentic Discrimination, 2001-2002
Washington State, Nuclear Waste Advisory Council, 1986-88 (public interest member)
Chair, American Civil Liberties Union, Committee on Databases and Civil Liberties, 1999-present
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  • Spanish
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